General FAQ

Most general FAQ are covered here.

I am interested in informing the NEJUG membership about employment opportunities with my company.

There are two approaches available for sharing employment opportunities:

(1) You can post a new announcement to the NEJUG website, and/or 
(2) You may announce at the monthly meeting.

What is the typical meeting agenda?

Basic times: 

Time Description
5:00PM Doors Open 
5:00PM Members Sign-In at the door
5:30PM Pizza + Drinks + Networking
5:50PM NEJUG Announcements
5:55PM Member Announcements (Jobs, Events, etc.)
6:00PM Lightening Talk (if there is one)
6:15PM Main Talk
7:15PM Break
7:30Pm Main Talk (Continued..)
8:45PM Adjourn / Clean Up


Is there any food available?

Yes. Our room sponsor, Constant Contact, also sponsors pizza (2 slices per attendee) and "unlimited" water / coffee / tea / fountain drinks. 
Typically, the pizza arrives by 5:30 and includes a variety of topping choices.

I am currently a NEJUG member, do I have sign-up again on the new website?

Yes, you will have to register for a user account on the new website. However, we have simplified the process for you by importing your current membership information (name, e-mail address, etc.). All you have to do is:

How do I cancel/terminate my membership with NEJUG?

We do not have a self-service feature for membership cancellation/termination. You will have to log a request with NEJUG support for membership cancellation. 

I have a question, where can I post it?

If you have a question and seeking answer for it, then post that question to NEJUG Support.

I have logged an issue in support, and I have not received any response yet.

NEJUG is a volunteer supported organization, while we make our best efforts to stay on top of all reported issues, we do prioritize items based on time and resource availability. Generally, you can expect NEJUG support member to respond to you within a week. 

I would like to present during an upcoming meeting, whom should I contact?

We highly encourage our members to come up with presentation ideas and topics. If you would like to present at NEJUG meeting, please submit your request to NEJUG production team, the team will get in touch with you directly and make arrangements for your presentation after reviewing the presentation content an material.

How will I know that I have signed up for an event/meeting?

If you have registered for an event/meeting in the future, you will see the green circle with a check inside (see image below) right beneath the title of the event. This icon will appear only if you are logged in to the site. Alternatively, you can view your events/meetings user "MY ACCOUNT" menu option (login required). 

How do I unregister for an event/meeting?

You can cancel your registration from "MY ACCOUNT" page (login required).  All events you have registered should be listed under "My Events" section. Find the right event and click on red "X".